Services Offered by GoRenter

GoRenter has a lot of different people to serve, who are not all necessarily looking to have the same needs met; therefore, we offer a variety of services to our clients.

For instance, consider our renters. Our renters without a doubt comprise the greatest portion of clients. It’s our pleasure to help them find places to live in the various houses and apartments that we are responsible for managing.

What we do for them is we offer up a comprehensive database of the thousands of listings we have available. Obviously, searching through all of that would be pretty hard to do. ┬áSo we also provide tools to help our renters to narrow down the results. Renters can set the parameters based on qualities such as which towns they want to live in, how many rooms they’ll need, how much rent they want to pay, and whether or not the place has a garage. There’s even an option for a pool.

On the other hand, we have to get those properties somehow, and that’s where another aspect of our services comes into play. We manage properties for landlords who have some space but haven’t had the chance to get it marketed properly.

We help with the curb appeal, with setting a fair rent, and with getting the house filled up and kept so.

If you’re an investor, then we also help you too. We understand the trends at work in the area and can help you with implementing your strategies in the short and long term.

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